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About PC

Pretty Conceit is a T-shirt brand created to encourage and empower.

Founded in 2012, birthed in South Florida, co-creators Lisa C. and Vanessa H had a vision and chose to take what once was only a thought and transform it into a reality.

The two elevating and growing into young ambitious leaders.

[now soley operated by Lisa C]

Pretty Conceit is exactly what it says. Every girl has the right to unapologetically feel and be as pretty as she wants to be, as pretty as she is! Whether that is defined as being cocky, conceited or confident. 

Embracing your flaws, your differences; acknowledging and accepting what makes you, you.

What others may deem weird, strange or ugly thats your pretty! 

Leading the lifestyle brand to coin the phrase "Do pretty shit"


Here's to the girls loving ALL of themselves!